Teeth whitening can help you bring back the million dollar smile

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Colourless calcium or White teeth please self and the world but getting and maintaining white teeth requires effort and correct knowledge. Today there are two different ways of achieving a bright smile; one is home treatment and the other which came with the technological advancement in the dental field.

Dental Whitening

In-office treatment of your teeth is easy, fast and reliable technique of achieving white teeth. Simply step in to a dental office, ask the doctor to do the necessary and within a few days you will see observe the change.

Advantages of dental whitening:

  • You will gave a prettier smile 
  • The is a friendly process and gives no pain to the patient
  • A very fast method compared to conventional home treatment
  • You have flexibility to accomplishing the task in one or multiple meetings with the doctor
  • Internal satisfaction of being treated by an expert

The only thing that worries people is the cost effectiveness, no good thing is cheap and when we talk about Whiter Teeth it is eminent that the process will have a heavy impact on your wallet. But money shouldn’t be a factor to stop you as nothing is worth a clean smile.

Teeth whitening

Home remedies for teeth whitening:

There can be no replacement to this method and can be done by poor or rich, children or old. Following are the three options:

  • Brush-on whitening’s – this methods just requires you to apply the whitening formula on your teeth as directed on the package; these formulas are available worldwide and is best for people who believe in home treatment. You should be careful of not letting this paste dry for a longer time than prescribed as it may result in tooth enamel decay. The chemicals present in the formula can react abnormally and lead to permanent spots or patches on your teeth.
  • Use of sticking strips- Strips like chemical pastes mentioned above are short-cuts of attaining colourless teeth. These strips get glued to your upper and lower teeth and can leave a lasting glow on your face. But the use of strips is advised for people having minor or no gap in between each tooth.
  • Using Bleaching gel trays- This method is widely adopted one because of its simplicity, abundant nature and absence of any side-effect. These gels can be found in every chemist shop; since the number of people manufacturing this product is low, there is no difference in the gels your dentist provides and the ones you buy directly from shop.
  • Best food for your tusk – Proper diet is necessary for any body part to function at its best.

Following is some information one should be aware of:

  • Eating chicken, nuts and milk result in healthy oral status as they provide much needed calcium and phosphorous minerals.
  • Apple, pears and other crunchy fruits should be consumed regularly; they help maintain the correct water level needed to wash away extra sugar from your teeth.
  • Consumption of sweet products like candies, lollipops cakes, muffins etc. should be minimised because the sweeteners can get stuck on your teeth and will further act as a breeding ground of bacteria’s.
  • Limit the intake of soft drinks, lemonade and other sweetened or carbonated products.
  • Drinking water is the best remedy to any dental problem.


It is always suggested that one should try to avoid using harsh chemicals as much as possible and rely on natural methods. Your one million dollar smile can win million hearts.

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