Some of Tips to take care your eyes for perfect vision

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Eyes are probably the best gift we have imagined the darkness in your life if these two little white balls was missing? Realizing the importance of a nightingale after its gone is not the wisest thing to do. People tend to take care of their looks but what they forget is the taking care of their eyes.

Eyes Care Tips

Importance of eyes cannot be undermined; how would have you read this article if they were absent?  We all know prevention is better than cure but rarely do we follow this principle; following is a list of must-do for obtaining healthy eyes:

  • Give some rest whenever required- Proper rest is indispensable need for best eyes. You will feel strained if you work for long hours on your laptop or drive continuously on busy roads; such conditions require some good rest.
  • Have a healthy diet- Diet plays a vital function in optimum performance of any body part and eyes are no exception. It is known that yellow vegetables or fruits serve your eyes as they are beta carotene enriched. Mango, squash and spinach can be your best picks.
  • Intake as much water as possible- The puffiness you have in your eye lids is due to lack of water. Our defense mechanism gets activated once the body detects a drop down in the water level resulting in puffy eyes. The best and easiest remedy to such problem is drinking lots and lots of water; don’t limit the quantity of water you can consume as it is a solution to more than just puffy eyes.
  • Exercise- There can be more than one exercise for assure quality eyes; closing your eyes for about thirty seconds and rotating the balls is one suggested practice. Another one can be massaging them in circular motion applying little pressure with your fingertips.
  • Don’t rub your eyes at all- Avoid rubbing your eyes instead splash cold water whenever you feel irritation in your eyes. You can also blink several times rapidly to get rid of the foreign material stuck in your eyes or just wash it away with milk which is a natural cleanser.
  • Wear sunglasses- To restrict the amount of UV light from entering in your eyes you should wear quality sunglasses. Do not buy local glasses as they have proven to be disastrous for eyes, they often change the focusing strength leading to malfunctioning of eyes. Prefer polarized glasses that obstruct ninety-nine or one hundred percent UV rays.
  • Take medical advice- Refer a doctor the moment you feel something wrong with your eyes. Sometimes the problem can be serious which only a doctor can solve; don’t hesitate in visiting a doctor.
  • Don’t smoke- If you have the habit of smoking, you should quit it from this moment onward. Smoking can cause cataracts or nerve damage depending on the amount you intake on an average. It is never too late to adopt healthy habits.
  • Cucumber slices or teabags can help cool your eyes and in long term will prevent wrinkles and dark circles around them.
Nothing can be beautiful if you can’t see it, cherish the vision that is bestowed upon us and take care of this gift as much as possible.  Start working today for a better tomorrow.

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