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Around the world hair loss has been a lethargic problem that stressed man and women both. Being a woman the having hair loss;receding forehead; wide parted area are a threat to my beauty and personality. I had thick hairs but now I have thin hairs that are not growing neither in length nor increasing in volume. It makes me really depressed to see the clogged of hair in my pillow, shower drain and even when I brush them out. In order to stop the breakage and hair fall; I stop even combing my hairs ; because seeing the severe hair fall makes me tensed. With every day I see dread hairs everywhere; and seriously; it’s a worst nightmare of my life. I keep on searching to end up the hair loss; and certainly some treatment worked for me; but the thing which is way more depressing; is that my hair loss came in control when I lost most of them. The bald patches on my scalp are now visible to people. I have visited my hair stylist to do something; but he failed to maintain a hair style which can hide my bald patches….

This baldness snatches the joy of my life. Then I finally decide to go for the procedure of hair restoration, because the open scalp and bald patches make me embarrassed and actually steals my confidence. I was avoiding this procedure for the core reason and that is money because I heard that the transplant procedure are costly. I started my search for cheap hair transplant and luckily; I found Dr Rana Irfan a hair restoration surgeon who is currently working in Islamabad, Pakistan. I actually cried when I was telling my story of hair loss to him; he was very generous and has a huge patience level to listen my nagging for an hour. When I get done with my crying; he do the inspections of my scalp and give me the good news that I can have a hair transplant.


He generously answers my queries and explain to me that the transplant method are in my budget. He gives me a complete detail about the method of hair transplant. Additionally, he describes the procedure of transplant; FUT is a traditional procedure and known as a strip method; in this procedure a strip is removed from the back of the head by generating two parallel cuts; when I asked I have to bear the pain; he said that no you don’t have to; the whole procedure is performed by giving anesthesia and even after the surgery the cuts will not give you a little pain but that you can bear easily. The strip method is beneficial to get maximum hair in one session. He said that with my expert technique the scar possibility is really low; and if it occurs it can be easily hidden due to the fact that it can be hidden easily if you have long hairs.

He also gives me a complete detail about the modern Fue hair transplant in which hair grafts are taken by an instrument and then these grafts are harvested in the required area. It is a modern method; he also tells me that the hair life is permenant; even when my natural hair will fall the transplanted hair will remain there. They look would be natural, it the hairs that has been taken and harvested in the bald area so you don’t need to worry about the artificial look .

The main things that inspire me that made me agree to have the hair transplant by surgeon Rana Irfan; is that he deal his patients by himself, and if a surgeon gives you detail regarding everything why anyone doubt him. He clears all my doubts about the pain, scars possibility, what to expect as a result and when I could resume my daily activities. He studies my medical reports and give me a good sign that I’m the one who can choose the transplant procedure. I have chosen Fut hair transplant because it gives me far more volume than the hair graft technique. Not only this  factor that makes me choose him for the procedure;after comparing the rate from various surgeons in Pakistan, I found out that he is the one who provides Cheap Fut Hair Transplant In Islamabad Read More; which is in my budget but I can say it is affordable for everyone who want to have the transplant. I have done my hair transplant and its been 6 months the result is remarkable and it no one can even identify that I have had a hair transplant.

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Shadab Sharif is the professional blog writer. Who face hair loss She loves to write about beauty and health related issues ,hair styling, hair care tips, search for natural and medicated hair loss treatments.For any critical hair loss problem she concern with FUE hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan DR Rana Irfan to give authentic