Home Remedies to Treat Back Acne

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The back is one of the most horrible parts of the body for an acne breakout to occur on. Most people associate acne breakouts with the facial region, but very few know about the challenges that people face when acne rears its ugly head on a person’s back. Acne treatment is usually targeted at the facial region by most manufacturers, and in the absence of a solution for pimples on the back, a home remedy seems the best way forward for sufferers. Frequent exposure to triggers of back acne can leave scars that take a long time to heal, so a combination of avoiding triggers and home remedies should have you well on your way to fantastic skin. Here are a few of our recommendations for proactive solutions to fighting your acne related issues.

Treat Back Acne

  • Rose water and lemon juice

Rose water and lemon juice in equal proportion work as a great remedy for fighting acne on the back. This mixture can be applied after a shower. It should be applied away from sunlight and exposure to the sun must be minimized as long as the pack is on as lemon juice when exposed to sunlight can easily damage your skin.

  • A mix of Jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil

30ml of Jojoba oil mixed with 6 drops of lavender and tea tree oils can be applied liberally to your back. This concoction has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. Jojoba oil is also excellent at regulating sebum production and will limit the amount of sebum produced to help ensure that the bacteria that thrive on it are unable to do so. Organic essential oils will work more effectively when the efficacy is compared to synthetic ones, so purchasing these oils would be better towards the perfect proactive solution for ridding your back of acne related issues.

  • Tea tree oil and water

Tea tree oil and water can be used in a 5:95 ratio, and applied directly on the areas that are affected by acne breakouts. The tea tree oil is very potent and as such needs to be diluted with water. Tea tree oil is one of the best forms of acne scar treatment and aids in clearing dead skin and removal of scar tissue. If tea tree oil is used without diluting it, the results on your skin can be catastrophic as it can cause blistering, general irritation, itching and dryness of the skin.

  • Epsom salt baths

An effective solution for treating a breakout of pimples on your back is by soaking it in a bath with Epsom salt added to it. Great care should be taken to not use any other hygiene products like soaps or gels as they react poorly to Epsom salt. The Epsom salt can be stirred into a bath of warm water; two cups of the salt will be enough for one bath. A loofah can be gently used to exfoliate the skin on your back though care should be taken to avoid rubbing the salt crystals directly on your back as they can be abrasive and worsen the outbreak. After the bath, water intake should be high, and you should also increase your consumption of calcium as the body might start absorbing the magnesium from the Epsom salt directly instead of the calcium.

In the end, effective Acne Treatment can begin at home. With proactive solutions towards clearing your back organically, the benefits are there for all to see. Try these natural solutions to fighting pimples for a month, and the results should be easily visible to the world.