Effective Foot Care Tips and Tricks


While oftentimes neglected, your feet are an essential part of your body. Whether running, exercising, walking or just merely standing up, having well-cared for feet makes all the aforementioned activities easier to carry out.

However, your goal should go beyond just keeping them visually appealing. Keep in mind that sans proper attention and care, you can end up with chronic problems which can cause discomfort in the years to come.

Feet Care Tips

Steer clear of potential feet woes by keeping in mind the following essentials.

  • Soak

Every once in a while you might notice your feet has become dry or rough.

To effectively keep your feet from becoming rough, you need to soak them on a regular basis.

In essence, keeping your extremities soft and clean is pretty straightforward.

If you can’t afford to splurge on a fancy foot bath as of the moment, all you need is a bucket of warm water and a few drops of essential oil and you are good to go.

In addition, soaking your feet for 10 to 15 minutes is deemed ideal.

  • Moisturize

If you are like most people, chances are you’d love to have baby soft feet.

In line with this, it would be a good idea to invest in a trusted foot cream. Or you can opt to use natural oils if that is your preference.

Generally, creams rich in Vitamin E are recommended to help keep your feet baby smooth.

In addition, you can also use coconut oil to help hydrate and sooth your tired extremities.

Serious dry skin issues however, should be resolved with an overnight moisturizing treatment. Massaging your feet with cocoa butter will do the trick.

  • Scrub

To keep your feet in peak shape, you need to give it a good scrubbing.

Exfoliating will not only help soften rough areas, it is also recommended if you want your feet to look more visually appealing.

Ideally, a good scrubbing entails the use of a pumice stone to effectively soften the rough areas.

  • Trim

Just like Painful heels, ingrown and broken toenails can be very uncomfortable.

To avoid this excruciating scenario from happening, you need to trim your nails on a regular basis.

Be sure not to cut it too short though as it can also cause discomfort.

As an additional tip, you also need to be in the know when buying shoes so your ultimate comfort is assured.

Case in point, buying footwear that has at least ½ allowances between the toes and the top end of the shoes is advisable. In line with this, it would be best to look for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet will be at its largest.

Feet Care