Basics of body building- All necessary information

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Body building is the process of gaining muscles weight in the body, this process requires dedication, effort and a strict discipline. A perfect attractive body is not what everybody can achieve because this is tough journey, it demands your mental strength as well. 

Following are some points which if included in your routine can catalyst the body building process:

  • Be focused– Have an organised routine to follow instead of randomly choosing; you can distribute the work in six days a week and take one day off. Such routine will maintain a balance in your muscles and ultimately prevent injuries. Also you should be careful while dealing with heavy loads.
  • Proper warm up You see a player warming up before any game begins; this is a practice that opens up your muscles and diminishes the chance of muscle injuries. The same is applicable in gym; you should start your days exercise after 5-10 minutes of cardio movement and in the first set you should take a load approximately forty percentage of your planned load in final set.
  • Plan your diet You must monitor the amount of carbohydrate and proteins you are consuming. Carbohydrates should be taking before exercise; this acts like a fuel and release energy in the body which is burnt during workouts. In addition protein should be consumed after completing the exercises; this supports muscle conditioning and repairs any damaged muscle. You can also choose to take supplements; these supplements give you the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins required by your body in addition to your regular intake.
  • An Effective Diet Routine The first step towards a fit body is proper diet. Body builders eat six small meals instead of three usual ones; taking six small meals gives more time to digest and prevent accumulation or overflow of fats. It is advised to consume carbohydrates in the morning time only.
  • Take breaks– This is a very important aspect of body building; working out at a stretch without intervals increase the probability of muscle damage. Intervals not only allow your muscles to revert back to their position but also give time to your heart to slow down. These intervals increase your metabolism. The intervals can be chosen by you as your body demands; generally it is advised to take a break after every twenty minutes.
  • Take medical help – there has been instances when people misinterpret their injuries; an injury may look minor to you but can be major internally so you should take medical advice as soon as you meet an accident and restrict the injury. Stop working out the moment you feel that it’s beyond your capability and step out the gym; know your strength and choose weight according instead of blindly following the trainer.

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We know that nothing is easy in this world and body building is not an exception. Following the tips above won’t make you look like a superhero in a day’s time; building a perfect body needs time but as we all know a distance of hundred miles is covered only after the first step.

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