An Introduction to Health Precautions in Different Seasons

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Our body shows quick response to the foreign objects often known as threat for the body. This reaction is generally known as allergic reaction.  These reactions are generally due to change in weather.  Changing weather acts as a Grinch in their lives.

It is generally said that precaution is better than cure. So it is always good to be a little careful and take some precautions beforehand and avoid a small disease becoming a big one.

Health Is wealth

It is experienced that most of the seasonal diseases like joint pains. Migraine, asthma cough & cold do crop up with the change of weather. The reason is very clear that our body take little time to get accustomed to the changing temperatures. It is rightly said precautions are always better than cure. One can avoid these diseases by taking precautions as per the weather, few of them are as follows:-

Precautions during winter season

Winter is generally the most lovable season. It is the time for holidays and parties. But this season also accompanies with certain allergic reactions so precautions should be taken. Some of the precautions are:-

  • As soon as the winter weather starts, it is good to start taking bath with warm water.
  • Keep your body covered, do not expose it to the cold weather.
  • Avoid taking bath when body is sweat.
  • Avoid taking cold items like ice cream, cold drinks etc.
  • Do regular light exercises to keep your body fit.
  • Avoid taking cold water; if possible take lukewarm water.
  • Consume plenty of water minimum 8 glasses a day.


Precautions during summer season

Come this season and you lose the freedom to step outside your house. The summer allergies make a return in this season.

  • During transition period of summer from cold do not expose your body, keep it covered lightly.
  • Avoid taking bath with cold water.
  • Avoid immediately switching over to cold drinks, ice creams and cold water.
  • Maintain your routine of light exercise and do not over eat.
  • Avoid outside food and water from public places.
  • Let your body temperature cool down when it is sweat before taking bath.
  • Take proper sleep and avoid over eating.
  • Increase the fluid intake; take leafy vegetables and juicy fruits.


Precautions during rainy season

This season is generally accompanied with a lot of humid climate. This can again cause certain allergies. To prevent these allergies the precautions needed are:-

  • Rainy season comes after scorching heat, hence invites more allergies and other seasonal diseases; therefore it is necessary to take optimum precautions when it crops in.
  • Avoid exposing to rain, this might invite cough and cold and allergies.
  • Take utmost care to avoid street food and water, this point of time is very prone to diarrhea.
  • Take precautions against breeding of mosquito keep your body covered and use mosquito nets at night to avoid mosquito bites.

Thus maintain a healthy lifestyle can help you keep away from many diseases and keep the body fit and fine.

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