4 Most Effective Tips for Whiter Teeth

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Contrary to popular belief, teeth are not inherently white. Typically, the teeth’s natural colour is more within the vicinity of ivory as opposed to white. Developments in the dental world however have made it possible for people to achieve that radiant smile many consider ideal.

Teeth Whitening

Flash a luminous and envy-worthy smile by keeping in mind the following tips.

1. Baking Soda

Taking into account its ability to effectively remove stains, its not surprising many toothpaste contain baking soda. While unknown to many, sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, produces a chemical reaction that can efficiently lighten stains when combined with water.  In addition, it is also believed to help effectively polish tooth surface.

2. Whitening Toothpaste

Many people deem it a wise idea to combine plaque prevention with tooth whitening by using tooth whitening toothpaste. While not considered as effective compared to other  teeth whitening products, whitening toothpastes are known to  dramatically enhance the colour of teeth with regular use. In essence, whitening toothpastes work by removing teeth stains caused by black tea, coffee and other substances.  Nowadays, few whitening toothpastes come with blue covarine, a chemical which adheres to the surface of the pearly whites, giving the illusion of whiter teeth. The whitening effect will disappear in a few hours though but products like these are considered ideal for those who want instantaneous whitening boost.

3. Whitening Strips

People who want to see results faster often consider whitening strips as an effective recourse. These small and transparent strips are placed on both the lower and upper teeth for 15 to 30 minutes. These peroxide-based strips can be easily bought in dr*gstores or the dentist’s clinic. While many believe it will help produce the desired results faster, its efficacy is actually dependent on the level of discolouration.

4. Dental Bleaching

Undoubtedly, while it can come with a hefty price tag, the most effective whitening alternative available is dental bleaching. With carbamide peroxide gel applied on the teeth’s surface, a dentist completes the dental bleaching process by utilising special lasers or heating tools. While no doubt effective, it is considered wise to seek the advise of a dental professional prior to getting the procedure done as it is not deemed ideal for everyone. In some instances, it can be harmful to the enamel, thereby making patients more prone to tooth decay and cavities.

In conclusion, whitening products and procedures are considered less effective if not complemented with routine flossing and brushing. It goes with saying, basic dental care will dramatically help prevent the accumulation of plaque which can lead to unwanted teeth discolouration in the long run.

Achieve that brilliant smile with these proven teeth whitening options.