Quite Smoking


Smoking can be quitted from the strong effort or from the proper health care or by using the medicines. Medications work more if the personal effort is also given. In the medication for quit smoking there is normally nicotine replacement therapy. Smoking is the addiction that efforts the person a lot.

  • Following are the impacts of smoking:
    • It impacts on the appearance: Everybody knows that smoking is bad and it should be quitted. It’s bad for the body parts like lungs, brain and heart. But if someone is addicted of smoking than there appears marks on the face. It damages the look.
    • Darken eyes: It creates a lot of problem when someone doesn’t get a better sleep at night and it can be easily seen from the face. If someone smokes than it affects a lot at the time of sleep. Due to the lack of sleeping it causes spots near the eyes.
    • Psoriasis:  It is kind of skin condition which can be easily shown or the possibility of these increases for one who usually smokes.
    • Effect on teeth:  Everybody wants to have white and skinny teeth because it affects the appearance a lot. If someone smokes then the shinning of their teeth goes down. The nicotine found in the cigarette stains the teeth.
    • WrinklesWrinkles on the face effects a lot. It shows that the person is much older. It also comes on the face of young people who smoke. Smoking affects the blood supply which is necessary for the tissues of skin to look healthy.
    • Fingers become yellow: The nicotine present in the cigarette also affects the fingers and nails.

It is very difficult for the person to quit the habit of smoking. But if someone wants then it may be easy for them to quit smoking. To know that how it should be quitted people should have the better knowledge of this that may help them in proper manner. To quit smoking is hard because the dr*gs found in the nicotian are very addictive. With the regular use people becomes dependent on it. It causes unpleasant to not smoking.

Why smoking should be quitted soon:

Quite Smoking

Quit Smoking can help a person to live long. It also makes the health better. Normally people who smoke have the chance to die earlier. The people who smoke have the less chance to become ill and their immune system also remains better.

  • There are some of the benefits to quit smoking:
    • There is not the problem of breath.
    • The risk of the heart disease also decreases.
    • The person who doesn’t smoke has the lesser chance of mouth cancer.
    • The dying rate from the lung cancer also decreases.
  • Immediate benefits of quit smoking:
    • Smell of the breath goes better.
    • Yellowish present at the nails and between the fingers go away.
    • People feel active and healthier.