Few Things Keep In Mind While You Are Styling Your Hair


Hair style is the first thing that comes to notice and for stylish hair you need to have healthy hair. Today we live in a polluted world the air is so populated that if we don’t take care of our hair it can lead to total baldness at very early ages.

Hair is the most exposed thing of a human body, therefore it is implied that it hosts dirt and dust on itself. There are many ways in which you can grow healthy hair, some being medical and others include home treatment. Both ways have proven to be efficient and the choice solely depends on you. Hair treatment cannot be done overnight, hair growth is a natural process and thus it is time consuming;  for best results you will have to be patient and  observe any minor changes in your hair growth pattern.

Styling Your Hair

Some steps to follow for nutritious hair:

  • Know the type of hair you have and choose products accordingly; oily hair should be treated with deep- cleansing action shampoo and mild conditioners should be preferred.
  • Split ends result because of lack of trimming; your hair needs to be trimmed every six to eight weeks in order to keep them healthy.
  • Sunscreen enriched hair products should be used.
  • “Shampooing everyday keeps your hair healthy” is one big myth about hair care; on the contrary you should shampoo only when you feel that it is required. Everyday practice can make it dry.
  • Make it a point to get treated by professionals. Friends or other options can save money at the expense of your hair.
  • Applying egg on your scalp for 20 min in a week will help your hair gain the essential proteins.
  • Choosing the right product is one thing and selecting the best technique is another. Follow the instructions printed on the product case for optimized results.
  • Be attentive while choosing your hair chemical; be it shampoo or conditioner. Once you realize that the chemical you are using has no side effects, stick to it. Switching chemicals is never advised.
  • One best trick of having classy hair style is to add texture; textures help reduce time taken to groom your hair on daily basis.
  • Hair color shouldn’t be the preferred step but many mild hair colors are available in the market. Combining professional’s advice with your own sense of styling will give you the best desired result.
  • Wet hair should be combed with combs having wide-teeth to reduce hair breakage. Avoid back combing to prevent knotting.
  • Oiling hair is an ancient practice and still holds utmost importance for healthy appearance. Coconut, olive or almond oil can be chosen. Oil massage induces blood flow in your scalp thus increasing hair growth rate.
  • Oil can be applied the night before you plan to shampoo your hair.
  • Wash off the shampoo completely; small amount of shampoo if retained on your hair can cause severe damage.
  • Eat nutritional food with sufficient iron and protein for your body.


Don’t give up on hair loss, have a fighting spirit and follow these simple, effortless steps to prevent hair loss.

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